Ethereal on cygwin - 'which Packet.dll' and 'which wpcap.dll' ??

Ethereal on cygwin - 'which Packet.dll' and 'which wpcap.dll' ??

Post by Stan Bischo » Mon, 28 Dec 2009 01:24:18

>> And also- since you are using Windows, why not just use
>> the Windows version of Wireshark and get on with whatever
>> scan you were contemplating?

> Is it possible to have my software in cygwin
> and the packet analyzer in windows ?

Sure- why not? Cygwin is just another Windows application, afterall.



Ethereal on cygwin - 'which Packet.dll' and 'which wpcap.dll' ??

Post by karthikbalagur » Mon, 28 Dec 2009 03:56:01

> > That query was due to few discussions that
> > i found in internet w.r.t setting up ethereal(wireshark)
> > in cygwin (ethereal-users mailing list). So, i thought
> > that there some issues in using ?the combination
> > of windows based wireshark(ethereal) and cygwin
> > based application.

> It is certainly possible that there's some sort of weirdness
> but nothing I am aware of or have seen. But that would
> definitely be a question for another forum.

> I expect you'll be just fine.

Okay, Thx for your prompt response.

I will try my cygwin based application with the
Windows based Wireshark. I am dropping the
approach of setting up the wireshark(ethereal) in cygwin
as of now (until there are some genuine issues in
using windows based wireshark with cygwin based

Karthik Balaguru