Why I am getting two IP addresses when I connect to my work through VPN

Why I am getting two IP addresses when I connect to my work through VPN

Post by Sant » Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:33:23


I have laptop at home, connect to my home router using WLAN, I do get
IP address from my router, I used to connect to my work
using VPN, when I do "ipconfig" I can see two IP address, one for
local LAN and other for VPN, why two IP addresses?.

Also when I work using VPN, I can't go to any of the web sites, like
www.yahoo.com, when I disconnect VPN, everything is OK, what was the



1. How to identify ,through which IP address i'am connected ?

Hi ,

    I am having a Solaris box with 5 interfaces configured with
different IP addresses. When a client open a Telnet session with one of
the IP addresses, I need to identify  , to which IP address , the client
is 'telneting' .  Based on the IP address, i need to run some login

Is the any command available for this ? Or can you give some pointers ,
to achieve it through C ?

Thanks ,
Karthikeyan S

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