Force pppd to report actual connection speed, instead of local port speed

Force pppd to report actual connection speed, instead of local port speed

Post by removethi » Fri, 08 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I noticed that pppd reports the local port speed which is set to
115200. May I know how to set it to report the actual line connection
speed? (which is not 115200, my modem is a 56K only)


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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Has anyone figured out how to get pppd to return the actual modem line
speed in bps? I am dialing into
my university to obtain a ppp connection and I would like to pipe the
connection speed to a file in /etc/ppp.
I can get pppd to output my serial line speed to a file by placing 'echo
$3 > /etc/ppp/speed' in
/etc/ppp/ip-up but this only gives me the speed that I have set my
serial line to (ie: 115200). When I dial
into the university and establish a link the university system says 'hi'
with a header that includes the
actual line speed (ie: 33600 bps).  This is the number I want to pipe to
/etc/ppp/speed. I guess I could get
the line speed by using the 'debug' option for pppd and then searching
the /var/log/message file for the
university's header but I was hoping there was an easier way. Any

Much Thanks,

Thanks again.

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