NIS client has users but doesn't create their home dirs

NIS client has users but doesn't create their home dirs

Post by Murray Cummi » Tue, 08 Apr 2003 22:21:02

Firstly, I really don't know what I'm doing, so there might be some
false assumptions here.

We have 2 servers (both running SuSE Linux 8.1). I have setup one as
an NIS server and one as an NIS Client. That works - users can login
to the client using the same login as with the server. But they then
get an error saying that their home directory doesn't exist. I can fix
this with a simple mkdir and chown but that's a bit tedious. Is there
something else I should do to make this automatic?

I know it would be best to share home directories from one server via
NFS, so that the 2nd server is just providing processor power, but we
are dealling with a lot of source code files and I think it would be
too slow to work with them across the network.


1. Users having probs logging into Linux system, get '/home/...' doesn't exist.

I'm havina a problem with a linux system here that just developed
overnight.  Basically, users are unable to login at all, and when
attempting to login, they get a message saying 'directory
/home/<username> doesn't exist!', even though it does, and the
permissions are set correctly.  The problem doesn't go away if a
different kernel is used, and although there was some filesystem
corruption detected by e2fsck, fixing this had no effect.  It's starting
to look like the permissions on some file used in the login process is
incorrect, but I haven't been able to find anything out of the ordinary

If anyone has any ideas, could you please e-mail me?  Since this machine
provides most of my e-mail and news, I'm posting from a backup account,
and may not see followup responses.

Thanks in advance.

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