Need a new arp program for 1.3.77?

Need a new arp program for 1.3.77?

Post by Danny Su » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a new version of the arp
program.  I've got the one from the latest Slackware, but it doesn't
seem to handle kernel 1.3.77 properly.  It seems to be ok for adding
entries, but it has no idea how to view them.  Doing '/sbin/arp -a'
lists only one entry, but when I cat /proc/net/arp, I get a whole
bunch.  It also appears there's a device section, but there's no way
for me to change this.  Is this correct behavior?

Here's the situation...  I've got 1 twisted pair plug that goes off
to our gateway (address of *.2).  The computer here has got two net
cards, given addresses of *.16 and *.209.  *.16 is connected to the
wall going to the gateway.  I've got another computer off of mine with
address *.210 hooked up to the second net card (*.209).  

I can do a 'arp -s 12:12:12:12 netmask
pub' and similarly with the *.16 connection (both with their
respective HW addresses, of course).  Here's a simple diagram:

gateway           Computer 1 (eth0) --->
                  Computer 1 (eth1)
                       |     Computer 2

I finally managed to get everything to work, but I'm not sure if it's
doing what it's suppose to.  First off, catting /proc/net/arp, it says
that the device for is eth1, which is correct.  But is eth0.  Is that correct?

Also, after letting this run for a little while, I start to get all
the IP addresses in the subnet in the arp list, most of them with NULL
HW addresses (which makes sense since most of the other machines
aren't up).  But my question is, am I suppose to be getting all these
IP addresses filling up my ARP table?

Danny Sung


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