ftp problem

ftp problem

Post by Juan » Thu, 02 Dec 1999 04:00:00

i do a ftp to my machine slackware 4.0 with another machine and i receive:

230 Guest login ok,access restrictions apply.

then i write ls and the response is:

500 Illegal PORT command
425 can't build data connection: connection refused.

And if i make ftp from my machine slackware 4.0 to myself

all is working fine.

what can i do to solve the problem?

thank you

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1. FTP problem using TIS ftp-gw


I have a very strange problem, that I'd like some input on. We have
built a firewall looking like this:

                                THE INTERNET
                                  |\ |
                                  | \|
            +-----+   +-----+   +-------+
            | Sun |   | VAX |   | Cisco |
            +-----+   +-----+   +-------+
               |         |          |
   | Wellfleet |
           | Alpha |

The Sun is the proxy-gateway with TIS fwtk installed. Now, what we want
to do is to FTP large (1.6Gb max) amounts of data from the Alpha to the
VAX, via the Sun using ftp-gw as proxy server.

What happens is that when we do it this way, 50 Mb takes about an hour,
instead of taking a couple of minutes, which would be normal.

When we FTP from the Alpha to the Sun (direct FTP, no ftp-gw involved),
the transfer rate is normal. If we FTP from the Sun to the VAX is also
normal. And the most astonishing thing is that if we FTP from the Alpha
via the Sun (now using ftp-gw) back to the Alpha (twice through the
Wellfleet) the transfer rate is also normal.

I've checked the traffic with an analyzer, and it looks quite alright.
I've tried fooling around with the MTU size, to get all packets to be
the same size, but still no success.

It seems that ftp-gw upsets the TCP kernel in the Sun (running SunOS 4.1.4)
in some strange way.

I'd very much appreciate some suggestions on this one, especially from
the TIS guys, if you read this.


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