POP3/SMTP Mail server under Linux

POP3/SMTP Mail server under Linux

Post by Chris Plan » Tue, 09 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I am considering upgrading my home LAN from a NT Workstation acting as a
web/e-mail/print server to Linux.  I have been able to set up most things
but I am struggling with the mail side of things and automatic dial-up when
when ever a user wishes to connect to the internet.
Under NT I use MDaemon to administer mail amongst the LAN.  All three of the
computers, including the machine with MDAemon on can access the server via
POP3 and send with SMTP, my ISP sends mail to me via SMTP and I have a fixed
IP.  I have loaded Linux onto the NT Workstation as a 2nd O/S and it
automatically accepts the mail sent to me by my ISP, but I don't know how to
get to the mail locally, or even over the network.
All my computers access different accounts using the format:

It was simple stuff under NT! But I am a newbie wishing to get into Linux
and cannot move the server over using all parts of the network are catered

1. Help: Eudora mail application cannot connect with POP3 and SMTP server


My server is SCO Internet FastStart 1.1. Today, our lan client mail

application (eudora) cannot communicate with the server for checking and

sending mail, but we can still use ppp dailin to server or command line

in server to check and send mail under the same mail account.

For Sending mail, Eudora dialog will show "error writing file to

network"and wait to press stop. The syslog file in server prompt "I/O

error on connection from []. Connection reset by peer during

collect with" and "SYSERR: putoutmsg([]): error

on output channel sending '220 ESTMP spoken here': Broken timeout".

For Receiving mail, Eudora dialog can pass the authuication, it will

show "RETR1" and wait to press stop. The syslog file in server prompt

"Unable to get canonical name on client, err=11"

Since we can check and send mail via ppp dialin, I think it may be the

network error in LAN to transfer mail between server and client. I have
recreated the mail box in server, but it is useless. I can ping the
client machine in server successfully.

How to test the mail transfer between client and server in LAN? What's

the problem? How to fix it?

Thank and Regard

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