Can't post news using INN-1.4, please help !!! ;-)

Can't post news using INN-1.4, please help !!! ;-)

Post by Matt Allcoa » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Dear all,

I am in the process of setting up INN v1.4 on our linux box (Slackware
v3.1, Kernelv2.0.0).
I wish to run it as a local newsserver only (i.e. it will not need to
accept NNTP feeds from
other sites or feed news to other sites). I have got it up and running,
created a few local
groups and until yesterday lunctime was able to post news to these groups
either by Pnews
or by hand on the host we're running INN on, or from our network of 95 and
NT boxes
using Microsoft Internet News.

Since then I have fiddled with the configuration such that I can no longer
post except
under certain circumstances:

Circumstances                   What Happens
===========                     ==== =======
1. Post from Windows Box.       Post fails.     (Windows box thinks OK. Post fails on
                                                server, /var/adm/messages says :
                                                "post failed Can't send connect request
                                                to server, Connection refused")

2. Post from host using Pnews.  Post fails.     ("Warning Can't connect to
server --
                                                Article will be spooled.")

3. Post from host using inews -h.       Post fails.     ("Warning Can't connect to
server --
                                                Article will be spooled.")

4. Post from server by hand.    Post fails.     (NNRP says: 480 Transfer
    (telnet localhost 119 ;                             denied.)
     mode reader;

5. Post from server by hand.    Post fails.     (NNRP says: 441 Can't send      
    (telnet localhost 119;                              connect request to sever,
     mode reader; post;                         Connection refused.)
     <enter article by hand>).

6. Post to server by hand.      Post OK.        (INND reports in /var/adm/messages:
    (telnet localhost 119;                               innd: localhost connected 14

                                                 accepted 1 refused 0 rejected 0).

Can anyone shed any light on what might be causing this ?

If you can help me, please send your responses via E-MAIL and I will
summarise by
reposting as I can't follow this newsgroup full time.

I have included copies of our access files and other useful information at
the end of this

Thanks in advance for your help folks,
Matt.  ;-)

========= ===========

We're using INN version 1.4 from the Slackware 3.1 CD-ROM with the
patch applied - I'm pretty sure that I've managed to eliminate all copies
of C news
from the system (e.g. have linked /usr/bin/inews to INN's

I have included a few snippets from our INN config files, for reference:

Our host name:
Our IP address #1:
Our IP address #2:

--- 8< --- CUT HERE --- 8< ---
--- 8< --- CUT HERE --- 8< ---

--- 8< --- CUT HERE --- 8< ---
*:: -no- : -no- :!*
localhost:Read Post:::*
mr-burns:Read Post:::* Post:::*
* Post:::*,!control,!junk,!to.*
--- 8< --- CUT HERE --- 8< ---

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