wanted: program to check "cleanness" of net connection

wanted: program to check "cleanness" of net connection

Post by Roy Hill » Tue, 23 Jan 2001 02:55:49

I'm looking for a program that can check the "transparency"
or "cleanness" of  an Internet connection.  Ideally, I'd like
something that runs under Linux, but failing that a Win32
app would be OK.

I want to check for things like:

- Are any UDP or TCP ports being filtered?
- Is NAT being performed?
- Are any protocols being transparently proxied?

So I can see if an Internet connection is a true "transparent"
raw connection, of if there are some things that I should be
aware of.  My reason for looking is that I've found that some
of the things mentioned above stop things like VPNs and other apps
that use "strange" protocols from working and it would be much
easier for me to run a "transparency check" first to save me the
hassle of needing to test each app.

I guess that the app would need to be client-server where the
server is installed on a known-clean Internet link, and the client
tries to contact it on various protocols and ports.

Does anyone know of anything that will do this?

Is there a better place than comp.os.linux.networking to find
out about the availability of networking code?  I guess that
there should be, but I've not managed to find any better group.

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