slirp dumps core, why?

slirp dumps core, why?

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Hello folks, I am using slirp to access internet thru an account of mine on
campus, it's a Sun Solaris 2.7 system, I complied slirp on the system and set
up the necessary ppp stuff in my RH5.1(kernel 2.0.35) box, after issuing the
command ppp-on, I get connected to the host and slirp started, /var/log/messages
tells me the serial connection has been set up, and I can run netscape, ftp,
telnet, ping,etc... The problem is, no matter what program I run, it dies(stops
responding) after a while(maybe 5 minutes or even less), this happens when I am
transfering data thru my 14.4 internal modem. The system dumped core, gdb
indicates that the core was generated the comand "slirp -b 38400" with a
signal xx, which is a bus error, and the dump point was at some function ip_enq.
Has anyone experienced the similar problem? Is it possible that I set something
wrong? I'd like to debug the problem but really can't start without a hint. Any
help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



1. why are core dumps always named "core"?

I've been asking around my department and can't get a good answer,
maybe someone here can help.

I'm in a groupware development project in which we will typically have
3 or more processes running and communicating with each other.  Then
one program will crash resulting in another one of the programs
crashing.  There is a core file, but it inevitably ends up being the
dump of the _second_ crash, not the first.

My question is this: Why should all core files be "core"?  I can't
believe this is the first time anyone has had this problem.  The best
answer I've gotten is "It's just a holdover from the old days."  Even
it you are debugging only one program, I'd rather generate several
cores, then go and look at them.  It's annoying to have to keep moving
them or changing its name to something unique..

Would it be hard to change things so that the name would be "core.PID"
where PID is replaced by the pid of the crashing program?  It seems
like a very small change, to me, but I'm no kernel hacker.

If Linux could do this it would be a big win.  Most of our development
is on Solaris and IRIX and this would give Linux something that I
could really sell to the rest of the development group.

What do you think?  Am I way off base about the dificulty of
implementing this?

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