Can't Open Display After KPPP (Fine with Wvdial)

Can't Open Display After KPPP (Fine with Wvdial)

Post by Habibie4 » Tue, 03 Aug 1999 04:00:00

My Linux computer runs SuSE-6.1 distro with knet-1.1.1-14 package and is
setup with KPPP to go online.  The only problem I am facing is that
after the connection and the KPPP windows is stowed on the top bar, I am
no longer able to run any X apps, i.e. executing any X apps will give
the following error message:

   Xlib: connection to "localhost:0.0" refused by server
   Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
   Error: Can't open display: localhost:0

After finishing online, i.e. KPPP terminated, I am able to execute any X
apps with no problem.  This problem does not happen if I use wvdial
instead of KPPP.

If you know how to fix this problem, I certainly will appreciate a
response.  Thanks.


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1. wvdial works, kppp doesn't !


I am having trouble with kppp under SuSE 6.2. My system is as follows.

Celeron 333
Gigabyte GA-6BXE motherboard
voodoo 3 2000 AGP graphics card
linux installed on hda with win98 on hdb
Topic 56k external modem on com1

Having installed linux, I tried to make a dial up connection. Using wvdial,
after setting
up my username, password, IP address etc... I had no trouble making a PPP
with my service provider.

So far so good.

Then tried the same with kppp (1.16.10 I think, on KDE 1.1.1), but I always
end up with
the message 'NO CARRIER' before any number is dialled. Can anyone suggest
what could be
the problem. I haven't made any special changes to wither program.



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P.S. I can attempt to post my config files, but when I do, my modem hangs
(in win98 AND linux)!!

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