Linux and Cisco 2509/11

Linux and Cisco 2509/11

Post by Ricardo Gall » Fri, 24 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Sorry if I am repeating...

Does anyone have a Linux as internet server connected via
a Cisco 2509 or 2511 and offering dial-up access using the
cisco's async. serial lines?




1. Advise Cisco 2509 of defaultroute to Linux?

I am setting up dial out internet access though a Linux box (ip_masq)
from a LAN, but our LAN uses remote DHCP, which sets the default route
of the machines to a Cisco 2509 router.  What is the best dynamic way
to advise Cisco to use the Linux box as default route without
interfering with its normal routing?

The only reason I know anything about the router is because our frame
relay connection was down last week and I got into the router to do
loop back tests.  It apparently is set for 'eigrp' routing protocol,
with no default route.

I can get the ISP connection to work by setting a static default route
on the router, but a dynamic would be better in case the Linux IP

Does anyone have a configuration for 'routed' or 'gated' that would
simply tell Cisco to add a default route to the Linux box without
doing anything else?  I don't think these do 'eigrp' so I would also
need to set up Cisco for whatever protocol is used.

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA

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