Network card help - Urgent

Network card help - Urgent

Post by Tadish C. Durbi » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00


Just recently I had to rebuild my machine, I was running a 2.2.1 kernel and
got everything hoarked, so I razed the disks and reinstalled SuSE 5.2...
kernel version 2.0.33

The machine has a 3Com Fast Etherlink III card in it ( 3c509 ) and while the
machine recognizes the card just fine, routed will not start because the
"network is unreachable"...  ifconfig shows the eth0 interface as up and
behaves nicely.  my route.conf file looks as it should, and ifconfig shows
the right addresses.  I have even recompiled the kernel to explicitly
include 3com cards of this family.  I am at my wits end.  What am I missing?

Yes, the card used to work just fine and everything is plugged in.

I should also mention that there was a period of time when I could ping
other machines on my network, but DNS and everything else was all wrong, and
the IP address of the local machine was all screwy...

the network start script executes fine, and when I try   route add -net ... it says that the netmask does not match with the route,
etc.  I cannot reach the gateway, as the network is unreachable, but I can't
start the the network unless routed can get to it...

What gives?  Do you think it's a faulty driver?  If so, then why did it work
before?  Again, what have I missed?

"And it feels good, like relieving a headache"
-Liz Phair


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I am trying to install linux RedHat ver 5 with 2 network card on the PC.
Both of networkcards are NE2000 compatibles.

I search the docs on the cd and well as on to find
mini-howto for multiple networkcard, but
I could not find it any where.

I have try to use control pannel to add the second network card, I put the
irq as well as the ioports.
I put the ip address, etc.. on the second network card. but when I start the
kerneld it is still doesn't
recognise the network card.

Is this because of the ne module can only support 1 network card ?

I am need to make both network card working desperately.

since I am using my friend
news group.

Thanks in advance
- Haris -

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