scanner and network

scanner and network

Post by kcsm.. » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 12:34:14

> Is not standard possible. You need to write your own code or look for any
> existing code.
> Besides what is it what you gain? You have to walk to the scanner anyways
> which is probably right next to the computer why not scan from there is more
> efficent save you 2 walk to and from the scanner :)

Not to put words in his mouth but, I'd like to do the same. The
reasons for it are infinte. In my case, I want to share it to 2
computers for 2 different users. That way I don't have to move
away while my wife scans.

Does that satisfy your unwarranted need to know WHY someone
wants to do something?

> Raymond

>> Im using a scsi-scanner with Sane, and it works ok.
>> Now I want to establish a network con. to my scanner, so that I can use it
>> within  the network.
>> The network is working ok.
>> Can anybody help me?
>> Thanks
>> Thomas