Dummy device - SIOCSIFADDR: Operation not supported by device

Dummy device - SIOCSIFADDR: Operation not supported by device

Post by Rene Herma » Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello everyone ...

I'm new to Linux, and reading through the NAG (Network Administrators
Guide), it seemed like the "dummy" net device  was a nice thing to have. I
can't however seem to get it working. The command:

  ifconfig dummy up

which the NAG advices, reports "SIOCSIFADDR: Operation not supported by
device" (also without the "up" by the way).

I run the RedHat 5.1 distribution, and have upgraded my kernel to 2.0.36.
The dummy net device is compiled as a module, and *does* get loaded (lsmod
shows it for a certain amount of time after the above command)

What am I doing wrong?

By the way, that same lsmod also *allways* shows the serial modules being
loaded, with a usage count of 1, even when I am unaware that anything is
using it. Is it allways used? Anf if yes, should I compile it into the
kernel directly?

Many thanks in advance...

PS: I'am also new to usenet, if you do reply, a CC to my email adress would
be very much appreciated. Just might miss it otherwise, news is confusing...