ppp (Linux) to ppp (SCO Morningstar): no data compression

ppp (Linux) to ppp (SCO Morningstar): no data compression

Post by James Werkowsk » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have a dedicated serial line (i.e., no modem) ppp link set up between
Linux 2.034 (RedHat 5.1) and SCO Open Server 5 running Morningstar PPP.

The link works, the LAN's connect, but the 2 ppp's won't agree on a data
compression scheme.

The logs tell me that Linux ppp rejects "stac" and "predictor"
compression. It appears that they agree to "bsd" compression, but the
Morningstar ppp terminates it right after the link goes up.

The linux pppd man page lists a "predictor1" compression option, but
says it has no effect unless pppd has been compiled with the option set

So -- does anyone know anything about a linux to mornigstar direct
connection? Where can I find the linux pppd source so I can try
compiling with the predictor1 option on?

Thanks for any help.


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Any experiences and info would be appreciated.


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