newbie question: connecting local network to Internet

newbie question: connecting local network to Internet

Post by Michael L. Marti » Sun, 02 Feb 1997 04:00:00

> Hello,

> I want to connect my local network ( to the internet using
> RedHat 4.0 (Kernel 2.0.18) to the Internet so everybody on the local
> network can use the dialup link. I have a Teles 16.3 ISDN Adapter.

> questions:

> 1. Is there a FAQ describing how to do this.
> 2. Where can I find the software -- and how to install this
> 3. Hints/Tips?

I just went through this exercise myself, using Slackware and kernel
I am running my setup on an old 40Mhz 386 and 8Mb of memory, 3 SCSI
totaling about 1.2 gig. SMB is running and serving as a file server as
I am supporting 4 users (light traffic).

        1) Get kernel 2.0.28 - the latest stable kernel that I know of
           at this time.
        2) Before configuring the kernel, link to
           and read up on IP masquerading - there are some kernel configuration
           options you will want to know about. In particular, you need to turn
           firewalling, IP forwarding, and IP masquerading. (I initially tried
           socks, and didn't like it. It's another option you may want to look
           Also, if you intend to use diald to supply dial-on-demand, you will
           to turn on SLIP in the kernel, even if you always use PPP.
        3) Speaking of diald, take a look at
           for information relating to this utility. I like it, it works for
me. I
           don't know if it will be useful to you if you are using ISDN.
        4) File server - you might as well turn on the smbfs filesystem option
           install samba, especially if your Linux box has a bunch of idle disk
           If nothing else, you can store old zip files there, or something.
The home
           page for samba is
        5) If the published doc isn't enough, drop me a note and I'll try my
best to
           help you out.

        Good luck!
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