Netscape 2.0 Linux hoses my PPP connection

Netscape 2.0 Linux hoses my PPP connection

Post by Dave Toppe » Thu, 22 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I can't explain why or exactly when, but occasionally Netscape 2.0 will destroy my PPP connection.  My modem is
still connected, and I see pppd still running.  I don't know if this is:

1)  Because I use the pop-perl5 script to get mail from ... and it might be conflicting with Netscape wrt.
my Inbox?  I doubt this.

2)  Because there's some bug in Netscape?

3)  Because my provider's mailserver has brain damage?

I've had the problem occur, then kill pppd, kill au (network audio server), and my connection returns.  But I've
also tried conneting with Netscape ... without the above processes running ... and it still locks the connection.

A locked connection is when I cannot telnet, ftp, or go anywhere that I normally could.

Strange, eh?

Thanks all,


P.S.  Kernel 1.2.13 from Slackware 3.0.


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I recently installed RedHat 2.0 ELF with a.out support (using defaults
all the way). The libc is libc 5.0.9 shared. The is

All looked fine for all until I run netscape 2.0x.

I started running Netscape 2.0b2 or 2.0b3 (same results
either way).

After I start netscape, I am unable to run any other command
(eg "ls" or "who" or "free") on my system until I quit
netscape! The message I get when I try an "ls" in any window while
netscape is up is:

        > ls
        ls: can't map '/dev/zero'
        ls: can't map '/dev/zero'
        ls: can't load library ''

Is there a problem with ELF or a.out support for the 2.0 RedHat
disributions? I could not see anything at the RedHat WEB site. I used to run
Slackware with no such problems.

Has anyone had this problem?


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