HELP - Dip & Supra 144i no connect.

HELP - Dip & Supra 144i no connect.

Post by Kob » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 05:59:17

I'm attempting to login to an access-server from
my linux box using dip and my Supra 144i modem.

It won't break dialtone when I give it the
send ATDT####### command in the script I'm

Does anyone out there have any idea what to
use for the init for this modem?  How 'bout
a acript that works with this combo?

All help greatly appreciated.



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Hello all...  It seems that DIP doesn't like (or something on the system)
doesn't like my Supra 14.4k external faxmodem.  Whenever I connect to
my service provider, I get nothing but garbage, however the modem works
great under DOS.  Same init string, etc. as the settings I use in DOS,
but it refuses to get a clean connection.  I also have a Microcom 28.8k
modem, and it works flawlessly with DIP or any other Linux app.  Any
suggestions?  Thanks...


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