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Ok....it never ocurred to me (us?).....

Running RedHat/apache/Jserv/P333/64 MB ram/IDE drives
Supports a web site with approx 2500 hits per day.
Some hits are to generic perl cgi...some are to java servlets.
Just about all hit MySQL databases and return data.
Also running a variety of cron jobs that convert images that are being
submitted, ftp files off the box, and perform various printing chores.

Recently noticed that at periods of peak activity, Apache's ModJserv
would lose connectevity with the Jserv product....would need to restart
apache before all was well again.  Drove us crazy. Logs showed the
infamous "AJP12: Cannot connect to host' errors.

CPU/memory usage did not appear to be off the charts (did have high
swap numbers), but after*ering around with settings for a few days,
we decided to put another 128 MB of memory in the box.

Problem solved.
Why Apache could no longer communicate with Jserv (and the fact that we
couldn't re-establish without restarting apache) is unknown....As far
as I know, AJP12 is a simple TCP protocol....maybe Jserv itself was no
longer listening....don't know.

Anyone have any ideas on why such an event would occur in a low-memory

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1. Apache Jserv / java servlets under FreeBSD Apache

I dont know if this is really the right place to ask, and I am a
relative Unix novice, but here goes anyway:

We have FreeBSD 2.2.7 and a working install of Apache 1.3.4, compiled with
options --enable-module=most --enable-shared=max. This should enable DSO
support. We also have JDK 1.1.7 ported for FreeBSD, and that works fine

The problem is that I am trying to install java servlet support for apache
with Apache Jserv 1.0b2. I have JSDK2.0 as well, but cant test whether
that "works" OK(!)

The configure script for jserv throws up some peculiar errors: if I ran it
according to the instructions for DSO given on-line,

./configure --with-apache-install="/usr/local/etc/src/apache" \
(i.e. --with-apache-install=/path/to/apache/source)

then it says "DSO not enabled" and exits.

If I give it the path to my apache installation, it does the same.

The "--enable-apache-conf" seems to make no difference whatever other
options I use.

if I run configure without --with-apache-install, it detects apache in
/usr/local/apache and offers to install it there; it finishes without
error messages whether i answer y or n. But when I "make" (or gmake)
jserv, the make script finishes OK but mod_jserv.so, the essential
library, does not exist anywhere. "make install" (or gmake) also finishes
successfully, however the mod_jserv file is never installed into the
apache libexec directory. Adding the "LoadModule" / "AddModule" things to
httpd.conf stops it from starting correctly.

on further inspection, the makefile in Apache-JServ-1.0b2/src/c
says "cp ./.libs/libjserv.so ./mod_jserv.so" and the .libs diretory does
not exist! This is the only reference to mod_jserv.so anywhere in the
source tree.

Has anyone else managed to install JServ on FreeBSD?

Thanks for your help,
Alan Lawrence

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