Need help with Linux PPP (Yes, I've read the fine materials)

Need help with Linux PPP (Yes, I've read the fine materials)

Post by Al Longye » Tue, 30 May 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>I will be greatly indebted if someone performs an autopsy on my ppplog
>attached below. I seem to get a connection, but no data transfers take
>place (/sbin/ifconfig gives the server's address, but if I do a ping on
>that address, I get 100% packet loss).

There are several things wrong with your configuration.

1. You specified a local IP address. The terminal server does not want
you to use that IP address. You should do one of two things:
  a) Remove the local IP address from the list of options given to pppd,
  b) Include the option 'ipcp-accept-local' to tell pppd that it is to accept
     the terminal server's change of the IP address.

2. The terminal server is not able to accept, nor will it generate, the vj
   compressed header connection id.

There is a bug in the 2.1.2 version of all implementations of the pppd
program. It does not work properly if you are trying to use a terminal
server which does not support a compressed connection id and you attempt
to compress the connection id.

The Linux driver had a bug which hid the problem in the daemon. It would
never accept the parameter from the daemon concerning the compressed
connection id. It never compressed them. So, it would always work with
all systems. The 1.2.8 kernel changed that and permitted the ppp driver
in the kernel to compress the connection id.

All of a sudden, the connections would stop working. The speed of the
link would drop through the floor as all frames sent with the compressed
connection id would be tossed. This caused the TCP layer to time out the
acks and retransmit the frames. However, this would take a 'long' time to
recognize that the frames were not received.

The solution is to add the option


to the list of options for pppd execution. This problem has been fixed in
the next version of pppd.



1. i've read all faqs/docs-still need help with PPP!


I have been trying to make the switch to Linux from Windows95 and have run
into several snags.  I got Slackware3.2 from a bookstore.  I was excited to
get home and finally trash windows95, but my excitement soon faded.  I had
to reinstall windows just to access the newsgroup and ask for this help.

The first problem I solved on my own was mounting the cdrom so I can use
it.  I had spent days trying to figure out why I couldn't access the cdrom
after I just used it to install Linux.  

I am having a problem now setting up a PPP link to my IP.  I have tried to
exhaust all my resources before buggin you guys with another "need help
with PPP" post.  I have read all of the faqs and online docs etc. and am
still completely lost.  My ISP assigns a dynamic IP address.  I know that
from windows95.  I have already used minicom in Linux to see what I need to
do to setup PPP.  My ISP just asks after it connects and displays it's
identity to enter login:  and password:  and then it says starting PPP.  I
just don't understand how to setup all of those scripts etc. on my end and
how to actually connect to the ISP with ppp.

I know this is asking a lot, but could someone please help me out with
this?  Once I learn how to use it I will help out the group and show
another new user how to do it.  

Thanks!  I really want Microsoft to lose another customer to Linux but it
won't happen if I can't do the same basic things I do with windows95 such
as usenet, email and www/ftp access.


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