Help: Unix no write access to a mounted Linux Samba Share

Help: Unix no write access to a mounted Linux Samba Share

Post by need » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Can anyone shine any light on what might be wrong here please:

Have a share on a Windows 95 Machine called D.  It's a full access

Have Samba running on a Linux box, and can successfully mount the
share.  Once mounted I can read/write to the '95 through the mount.
I have basically \\win95machine\D mapped to /95mnt

I then wanted to export the /95mnt directory so another UNIX machine
can mount it. Basically then the UNIX machine would mount the Linux
box which in turn mounts the '95 D share.  I know this seems
strange, but there is a reason :)

This works! BUT when I try try to create a file on the UNIX machine,
it tells me it's read only!  If I go to the LINUX box, I can both
read and write files.  

My exports file has it set as (rw) even though rw is implied if not

I can mount a directory from the UNIX box onto the Linux box, and then
make it available to 95 machines through Samba on the linux box, so I
figure this should work the other way also.

I seem to feel maybe there is something funny about the SMBMOUNT that
perhaps I'm missing?

I would appreciate any info/experiences/suggestions.



1. SAMBA - No write access to shares!

I have my Win98 PC and Linux connected by Samba and I am able to view
the shares I have setup, but I don't have write access. How do I get
write access?

Before you answer a few notes:

I have Linux dual booting with Win2k and the two partitions for Win2k
are C and D and are Fat32. Linux is on its own partition.

When I installed Linux I called these drives /dosc and /dosd and these
are the drives I want to be able to access from Win98.

The following is the sections of my smb.conf file to map these drives.

                      comment = C Drive
                      path = /dosc
                      valid users = Name
                      public = no
                      read only = no
                      writeable = yes
                      printable = no
                      create mask = 0765

                      comment = D Drive
                      path = /dosd
                      valid users =Name
                      public = no
                      read only = no
                      writeable = yes
                      printable = no
                      create mask = 0765

Given this information, how can I get write access to these drives
from Win98?

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