Zyxel omni.net ISDN TA

Zyxel omni.net ISDN TA

Post by Igal Rubinstei » Thu, 13 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hello !
I use Zyxel omni.net ISDN TA in order to connect to my ISP. I
can connect perfectly with Windows 95, however I can not connect with
Linux. I am 100% percent sure that my settings are OK because I can
connect with the same scripts (but with other username and password) to
the same ISP. In log file I get - timeout waiting for LCP. I even see
that my ISDN modem dials several seconds and then drops the connection.
Any ideas ?


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Does anyone have experience with the Zyxel Omni.net ISDN Terminal
Adapter in conjunction with FreeSCO 5.0.4 and Morningstar PPP? I believe
it works with AT commands, so creating a dialer should do the trick?



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