Help - Inet <-> Linux <-> DOS

Help - Inet <-> Linux <-> DOS

Post by Robert Farri » Thu, 05 Jan 1995 05:06:34

Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me with my SLIP/TCPIP
trouble, and I also hope that this is not a FAQ.

I have 1 DOS PC and 1 Linux PC. The DOS pc connects to the
Linux PC via ethernet. The Linux PC connects to the internet
via SLIP and a 28.8 modem.  I have tried many settings for DIP
and my rc.inet1 files and cannot get them to work correctly.

I have 2 problems that may be separate.  1) The linux box connects
to the SLIP server during init, but if I attempt to use the SLIP
by pinging the host or anyone else on the net, I get unknown
device errors and the modem drops.  2) I cannot get the DOS PC
to communicate with the Linux box via TCPIP. The DOS box is running
a TCPIP packet driver and a software package for telnet, ftp, etc.
I am using NE2000 clones in TP mode, connected by a phone cable.

If someone else is doing this, could you please send me copies of
your rc.inet1 and dip scripts and any other information that may
be applicable?


Bob Farrior
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1. LILO help <><><><><><>

I just installed RH6 on a box that only had a 50MB DOS partition to
begin with.
During the RH install, I used Disk Druid to set up additional
partitions as follows:
/       ~1 GB
swap    ~40 MB
/usr    ~500 MB
/boot   ~10 MB

When prompted, I told it to install LILO into the "/boot" partition.

Upon restarting the system after the install, it booted into DOS again
from my origional active DOS partition.

I tried booting from the emergency rescue disk that I was prompted to
create during the install, but it gives me an error "0x10" and stops.

I can boot using the RH "boot.img" boot disk, hitting F4, and then
inserting the "rescue.img" disk made from dosutils on the RH CD, but I
have no idea what to do from there.

I want to make the thing boot with LILO and ask whether to start DOS or
boot Linux (as default). I realize now that I probably shoud've just
told it to install LILO into the MBR.

Please tell me there is an easy/painless way to get LILO to do this
without re-installing totally.

Please respond via Email to:  jack972 [<at>] netzero [<dot>] net

Many thanks!

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