Can't delete mails on netscape thru imap to Redhat 5.2

Can't delete mails on netscape thru imap to Redhat 5.2

Post by Rupa » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I've setup Netscape Communicator 4.7 on my win'95. It communicates over
IMAP to our Linux Mail Server (Redhat 5.2). There are two problems that i'm
facing. One very important is that when i delete a mail from netscape, it
goes to Trash and when i empty Trash, the Trash box on Netscape shows empty
. But when i login to my server console and run Pine, i still see the same
messages with a D in front of them. when i quit from pine, it asks me to
expunge deleted messages. when i say yes, only then the messages get
deleted from the server hard disk. bcoz of this all my users feel that they
have deleted mails but my server harddisk is still not free of the deleted
msgs. could you pls suggest a solution.

My second problem is abt folders. In the above setup, i'm able to create a
folder thru netscape. at my server end, it then creates a file in my home
directory. i'm able to distribute mails to these folders, but i'm not able
to delete a folder. also, i'm not able to share folders. pls suggest a
remedy for this too.

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