NFS mounting problem (RPC timeout)

NFS mounting problem (RPC timeout)

Post by Steve Jibso » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

(I hope this isn't one of those questions that causes all of
the experts to think
I am an idiot, but I have spent a few hours looking through
docs, FAQs and
HOWTOs before posting this.)

I have been trying to set up a simple NFS-based network with
two Linux
(Debian 1.2.13) machines.  I have set up the /etc/exports file
and have
checked out the /etc/rpc and /etc/inetd.conf files and they all
look fine.

Anyway, when I try to mount a remote drive, the system sits for
a minute
and then responds with an RPC Timeout Error.  On the "server"
end if I do a
'ps -x' I see about 5 'rpc.mountd' processes that have been
started up.  I am
assuming that each time the "client" timesout and retries the
mount, it spawns
another mountd process, so the "server" is getting the

I'm not exactly sure what to do at this point.  Any help would
be appreciated.
(I can also make more information available as needed.)

Steve Jibson
Parlant Technology


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I'm trying to mount an NFS filesystem from a RH8 server to a RH9 system.
The fs is exported properly on the RH8 system
There is no firewall on the LAN device (on either system)
I'm getting "mount: RPC: timeout" as the error message

Log examiniation shows

Apr 17 23:52:22 wolves rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from solion.private:676 for /home/music (/home/music)

(on the RH8 server)

There are no other indications that I can spot.

I've googled and checked bugzilla, but there are no recent reports.

Is anyone else seeing this sort of a problem?

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ggw at         U      
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