Help! NW Card not recognized at boot

Help! NW Card not recognized at boot

Post by Bob McCow » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

We're trying to bring up Linux, and everything is successful except
that the ethernet card is not recognized at boot time.  It's at
IRQ 3, Base IO 0x300.  The address space is clear up to 0x378 or so,
so that isn't the problem.  IRQ 3 is free.  The cards work under DOS -
we have lilo installed and have tried explicitely directing the kernel
with append = "5,0x300,eth0".

We've tried a number of cards, 3c503, 3c509, ne2000 clones, same result
with each.  Our next step is to download the kernal source and recompile
the Kernal - maybe the precompiled kernel we have doesn't support
ethernet at all - Is this likely?

At boot time we get a message about bios32 extensions not being present,
and this release needs them.  WHat is this, and is it it a problem?

Any other ideas?


Bob McCowan


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Two more ideas to try:
(Remember: Working under DOS is no guarantee that no IRQ/port conflicts
1) In the BIOS PCI setup disable the IRQ for all PCI slots except the one
with the adaptec SCSI controller (set IRQ to N/A). The graphics card
won't need an IRQ line afaik.

2) try a few more io ports, i.e: 300, 310, 320, 330, 340,...
2a) try the new 3com509 driver together with hardware configuration
utility running under Linux. See
3) Remove CD-ROM and SoundBlaster and try again.


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