Samba to NT srvr: no go

Samba to NT srvr: no go

Post by Steve Luzynsk » Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> I'm using Samba on my Red Hat 5.0 box to connect try to an NT4.0(sp3) file
> server. I can use "smbclient \\\\server\\share" to connect to Win95, Win98,
> and NT4.0(service pack 3) WORKSTATION systems but not to an NT4.0(sp3)SERVER
> system. All of the NT Server file servers have the NetBEUI protocal
> installed. If I do a "smbclient -L ntbox" I can see all the resources but I
> just can't connect to them. Is there something that needs to be "turned on"
> on the nt box to allow samba to connect to it? Or could this be a syntax
> problem with the way I invoke smbclient? Any idea would be greatly
> appreciated!

First, go to RedHat's website and download the latest samba. Then, go to
/usr/doc and find the samba docs. Read them, paying special attention to
the section on encrypted passwords.

You don't need NetBEUI, either. Take that * thing off.


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