Suck kills news after downloading all of them

Suck kills news after downloading all of them

Post by Nikolaus Jozefi » Wed, 16 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I installed SUCK 3.5.1 and created the killfile. Now it seems that
Suck first downloads all news and then starts the deletion of them.
But the man pages say that it should sort them out before downloading


1. Suck (news downloader) kill-file problem


I've a serious problem with suck, my killfiles simply don't always work.
I read alt.humor and alt.tasteless.jokes, and I only want to download
the jokes, without the comments.

So I kill everything with "Re:" in the subject, I thought it was enough,
but suck still downloads some of it. :-(

I have the following files:

,---- suckxover
| GROUP=delete alt.humor suckxover.delete.Res
| GROUP=delete alt.tasteless.jokes suckxover.delete.Res

,---- suckxover.delete.Res
| Subject:Re:
| References:....

From the logs it's clear that it works:

| ARTICLE KILLED XOVER: group alt.tasteless.jokes - Xover - Match on Header-Referenc

| ARTICLE KILLED XOVER: group alt.humor - Xover - Match on Header-Subject:Re: This i


But still a lot of message that should be killed (Subject starts with
Re:, has references header ...) get downloaded, I don't have a clue what
went wrong and where... :-o

// Garbenn //

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