PPP 2.2.0e + Linux 1.2.13

PPP 2.2.0e + Linux 1.2.13

Post by Tim Hock » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am having a bit of trouble...

I patched teh 1.2.13 jkernel succesfully, installed ppp 2.2.0e successfully..
all seems well..
it dials...it connects I can use it.

when I try to load teh bsd-comp.o module thought I get

/root # insmod /usr/src/linux/modules/bsd_comp.o
ppp_register_compressor: wrong version
ppp_unregister_compressor: wrong version
kernel_version needed, but can't be found

I have CONFIG_MODVERSIONS on....ppp is NOT a module however.  modules is
ver 1.2.8 I believe...even with PPP as a module it does not load...PPP
does workk though..just not so quickly as it could...

please anyone....if you have a clue on this please help..

please mail a copy of posts if possible, as my news server is screwy...


Tim Hockin
Accu-Mem Systems Inc.


1. PPP 2.2.0e with Linux 1.2.13

I'm trying to compile PPP 2.2.0.e into the Linux 1.2.13 kernel. I'm
following the directions that came with PPP 2.2.0e

1. ./configure (fine no problem here)
2. make kernel (worked fine)
3. verify /usr/src/linux/drivers/net/Makefile (looks okay)
4. Build Kernel
        a. make config (fine, config_ppp is added)
        b. make dep (works ok)
        c. make clean (works fine)
        d. make zImage
Here is where the porblem is. When it gets to  compiling ppp.c it starts
then starts printing this message.

ppp.c: 700 dereferency pointer to incomplete type
It prints it over and over till
ppp.c 3315 dereferency pointer to incomplete type

(I'm not sure exactly what line number it starts at, it buzzs by to quickly)

Then make zImage errors out.

I just re-compiled the kernel an hour before to add sound and ATAPI
CD-ROM support with no problem compiled fine.

Any ideas???

Thanks for any help,
Mike Basinger
D. Michael Basinger:    Not speaking for Indiana University

Halls of Residence      812-855-5799

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