help with PPP or SLIP setup

help with PPP or SLIP setup

Post by Geoff Lef » Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hi all!

I'm not completely new to unix, but I am to setting it up, and especially
as a network..  Can anyone please tell me what needs to be done to allow
me to use dip or something to dialup to my slip or ppp account.  eg. what
files need to be edited, what programs to run, what commands to run etc..
 Any help would be appreciated as I don't seem to be getting anywhere
fast.  I've written my dip script.. and I think it works, but i'm not
sure, so if you can maybe give me a sample script it may be helpful.  
Incidently.. I DID read the man page for dip.

Any help would be appreciated.


ps.. email would be better for me.


help with PPP or SLIP setup

Post by Albrecht Fromk » Thu, 10 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Hallo Geoff!

Yesterday I 've spend a lot of time to install a slip-connection between two
linux systems. I was succesfull without to install the routes for other server
in one subnet.

Following steps I've done:

On the calling system:
1.      Install dip on /sbin dir
2.      create a xxx.dip file. The content of these you can copy from the dip

On the system you call you'v done:
1.      insert a line in /etc/passwd like the description in the dip manpage
2.      you have to create a file /etc/diphost also like the manpage
        NOTE: You can only desire one flag CSLIP or SLIP and mtu by number like

As the next I plan to install a ppp connection with linux.

I wish you a lot of Fun!
If you have question ask me !





Have the need to setup a cyclades card (actually 2) on a linux box.

I have the inittab file configured and am using practial peripherals
modems.  24 to be exact.  I am using one cyclom 8 and one cyclom 16 port
external box.

I require help in the area of line speed, mgetty, etc....

The ppp and slip daemons and all that is already on the system.

I am running this on a P90 and it is for a client.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


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