Dual Gateways, redundant connections to internet, IP forwarding

Dual Gateways, redundant connections to internet, IP forwarding

Post by Chris Taniguch » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have a network with two connections to the internet, T-1 fractional
and HDSL, in order to provide a redundant link to the internet for the
network. I'd like to use Linux 2.2.12-20 (Redhat 6.1) connected to the
HDSL to provide another default gateway to the internet for the network
which is defaulted to use the T-1 frac line.  I can configure the NT
servers to use dual gateways, not sure about the win9x clients but
looking into that.  I have two NICs installed and running correctly in
the linux box, what do i need to do to have the NIC connected to the
lan/T-1 frac forward to the HDSL-connected NIC when/if the T-1 frac

i'm probably sounding obtuse, please excuse.


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Currently I am using IP Masquerading to segment an internal network from the
internet.  IP Masquerading is set to point to an Internet Router's IP
address.  I am brining in a second T1 for redundancy purposes.  At the very
least I would like to configure IP Masquerading so that in the event of the
main T1 failing it would automatically route to the secondary T1.  Ideally I
would like to have load balancing occur between the two T1's.  Can anyone
think of a way that this could be possible using IP Masquerading.  If not,
what is another method that woud accomplish this goal.

Thanks in advance,

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