mcopy didn't work in Red Hat until `# chmod o+w /dev/fd0'

mcopy didn't work in Red Hat until `# chmod o+w /dev/fd0'

Post by Bill Richte » Sun, 19 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Until I changed (as root) the permissions on /dev/fd0, only root could
write to a floppy with mcopy.  Took me a while to figure out that was
the problem, because anyone could read floppies (with mdir, or `mcopy
a:* .').  Is there a reason for /dev/fd0 being only root-writable, or
it it a Red Hat bug?


1. Need Help: 'tar xvMf /dev/fd0 foo' not working properly

Hello everybody,

   I am trying to backup some of my files using floppy disks. I use the
 "tar cvfM /dev/fd0 foo"
 for archiving one of my files and this uses two floppies, #1 and #2.
   For extracting my file I use the command:
 "tar xvfM /dev/fd0"
 which after extracting the first part of the archived file on disk #1
 for disk #2. But when I insert disk #2 I receive the error message:
 "tar: Cannot extract `foo' -- file is continued from another volume".
   This error continues until, in another window, I mount /dev/fd0 on a
 directory and unmount it. Here the first time I mount the /dev/fd0 I
get the
 following error:
 "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/fd0,
  or too many mounted file systems",
 but in the second attempt the directory is mounted and after
unmounting, tar
 extracts the second part of the file `foo' on disk #2.
   Another problem that may be related to this is that if my floppy is
 protected and I try to mount it read-write, I receive an error message
 after closing the write-protect hole of the floppy I still cannot mount
 read-write file system on /dev/fd0 unless I restart the computer.
    Any help is gratefully appreciated.
    Please send a copy of your reply to my email box, if possible.

   Best wishes - Hossein

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