telnet works, rsh worked, now it doesn't

telnet works, rsh worked, now it doesn't

Post by Neil Zanell » Mon, 12 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I have two ISP's, say "A" and "B". Both "A" and "B" offer modem connections.

When I use "A" I can telnet and rsh to (a Linux box).

When I use connection "B" I can telnet to but when I rsh to it

I get timeout errors. I thought telnet and rsh were essentially the same thing.

Are they not? Why are things not working?




1. newbie: rsh and telnet doesn't work


While I would like to use my personal computer (at home)
for executing PVM on a single computer in linux, it is
necessary for me to be able to telnet and to rsh to my own

Unfortunately, this doesn't work. The "remote computer"
answers with "connection refused".

How can I set up my conf files in order to be able to rsh to
my local system?



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