Anybody know of a good 802.3x Ethernet simulator?

Anybody know of a good 802.3x Ethernet simulator?

Post by Timothy Gaastr » Fri, 10 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I'm currently looking into modifying the pause protocol a bit for 802.3x
Ethernet switches and am wondering if anybody knows of a good freely
available simulation of a full-duplex Ethernet switch... My current choices
are either to use OPNET, which is somewhat expensive and which I have some
reservations about, or to try and write my own from the base up, which would
require months of verification to be sure that I was writing something

I just want some ideas of what other people out there are using before I go
and try to reinvent the wheel.

Tim Gaastra


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Hi everybody!
I'm a "newbie" student of ns-2, making a homework for the University. My
question is: if a TCL script for a simulation has a random source of
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the trace files to change?
I repeated 10 times but trace file remains the same, same events at the
same time :(

THNX a lot


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