Ip Masquerading and Newsgroups

Ip Masquerading and Newsgroups

Post by Melvin To » Sun, 12 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I'm experimenting w/ IP M. on RH6.1.  Everything works, telnet, ftp,
ping, mail. My clients are NT4.0 workstations running Netscape 4.7,
4.72.  I seem to lose on ocassions my sessions using Netscape.  I can't
connect to newsgroups at all.  We normally use a socks server on another
box and it works fine.

Anyone have this problem? Solutions?



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I have a linux box which should work as router for two subnets to the internet.
One subnet has valid IP addresses but the other subnet with private IPs has to be masqueraded. Is it possible to masquerade this subnet with an IP address from the other subnet or with the IP of the router port which is connected to the valid subnet and not with the IP address of the router port which is connected to the internet which is the default?


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