XFree on Avance logic ALG 2228/2301

XFree on Avance logic ALG 2228/2301

Post by Benjamin M J Ell » Tue, 17 Jan 1995 06:09:36

Has anyone managed to get X going on the XFree on Avance logic ALG
2228/2301 under linux??? What drivers should I use???

Many thanks,


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1. X11 & Avance Logic ALG 2228

                                Greetings !

        I have a very strange video card - Avance Logic ALG 2228 (VLB, 1Mb
RAM). And I have no any drivers or manuals for this card :( I have only a
disk with drivers for Windows 3.11 and OS/2. And of course, I want to use
this card with my X-window (X11R5). But I can't find this card is the
Card-list, so I can't use it :( If somebody works with such card under X11,
please mail me how to install it properly.

        Thanks in advance.


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