PowerNet - Ethernet over Powerline

PowerNet - Ethernet over Powerline

Post by PowerNe » Sun, 13 Apr 2003 00:13:17

New PowerNet-components available for 14-Mbit Networks.
There are USB, PCI and Ethernet-Adapters to build a small home-Network
without Network-Cables.

Information found at http://www.kraftcom.net.

Mit der PowerNET-Technologie wird die Datenbertragung auf dem hausinternen
Stromnetz zur Realit?t. Die PowerNET-Ger?te von Corinex erm?glichen die
Vernetzung von PCs und Peripherie und den Zugang ins Internet ber jede
beliebige Steckdose.
Als Erstausstattung ben?tigen Sie zwei PowerNET Modul.


1. Recommendations for powerline ethernet adapters

There aren't any recent posts on this topic, so...

I am looking at getting a powerline ethernet adapter for my
linux/windows home network (old house, poor wireless reception, etc.).
While all the powerline ethernet adapters on the market seem to be
plug-and-play for linux if you don't need special configuration, I
would want to configure it to use encryption.  So I'd need some sort of
linux utility, provided by the vendor, to do so.

Any recommendations on the best adapter to get?  I want to support the
good guys!


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