ICMP HOST cannot build IP Header address to echo ICMP HOST

ICMP HOST cannot build IP Header address to echo ICMP HOST

Post by mik.. » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00

 this is the error message i get when trying to telnet anywhere but to my
domain serveror ping anything but my domain server i also get it when logged
into any other machine but my domain server even machines on the same net will
recognize dns make an attempt then puke! i assume this a problem in my
config which is preventing the returning or "echoing" of the returns off of
commands that require two way communication i have tried everything that i
know and then some!! please HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    thanks big time in advance


1. ICMP: Could not build IP Header..

    I am using Token ring card on my linux box (kernel 1.2.13, TR
driver 1.2.0, 3Com TokenLing III)
 I got the following message:

ICMP: Could not build IP Header for ICMP Echo Response.

I can ping a router (address: in the ring from
anywhere(including linux box) , but I can't ping the linux box
( from any place other than the linux box itself.
Is there anyone know where I setup wrong ? Thanks for any clue.

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