using network boot to install RedHat using Anaconda

using network boot to install RedHat using Anaconda

Post by Mik » Wed, 11 Feb 2004 04:05:10


I'm currently using the ks.cfg (anaconda) configuration to automate
redhat installes for various machines, but would like to take this one
step further to remove the need for CDROM drives in the machines.

Is it possible (and not too hard to setup) to use LTSP or ?? to set a
machine to network boot the RedHat CD image?  Then all I'd have to do
is put in the ks.cfg path and the rest would take care of itself.



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Hi there,
This is a wierd question.
Suppose there is a machine without floppy but with a cd-rom. I have the
three ISO files on the local harddisk and have only the first installation
cd. Then if I want a full installation, I can't make it from CDs since
there are two missing. I wonder if I can install them from local ISO
images but the problem is how to boot the installation process?
I don't have DOS or floppy. So the only way is to boot from CD.
Can I make a bootable CD with the same function of the boot floppy?
Or Can I simplily use the first CD to boot?  But I didn't see any option
so far?

Thanks a lot.

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