PPP and sendmail -- bug?

PPP and sendmail -- bug?

Post by Jason Carl » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 21:12:07

Hi all,

I have been mucking around with my networking setup and have experienced a strange
phenomena involving pppd and sendmail.

I am running Slackware 2.1 with 1.1.83 kernel. ppp is via dial up line.

If I run Pine for example and send a messgage with my setserial /dev/cua1 at
spd_normal (or at nothing as it defaults to normal 38400) everything works fine.

If I run at spd_hi, sendmail hangs at the 250 DATA message when connecting to the
recipient host using SMTP.

This strikes me as either a manefestation of the MTU type problem that is known to
bug sendmail or another problem possibly with the kernel networking code or pppd.

I am by no means quick to be alarmist but this problem is repeatable and occured
with kernel 1.1.75 as well.