user rights to use ifup, ifdown, ...

user rights to use ifup, ifdown, ...

Post by Tom Breto » Sat, 17 Oct 1998 04:00:00

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Quote:> Hi Linux users,

> I am running RH5.1, AfterStep, ifup, ifdown.

> I manage to connect to my isp using ifup and ifdown but only logged as
> root!  Could someone tell me what I have to do to allow users, logging
> onto the same machine, to have the right to dial out, brows, get mail,
> ...

> please help, I'm so close yet so far.

Yes, you are. Redhat 5.1 is messed up in that regard.  Much thanks to
Michael Ngarimu for finding the answer.

First, have you used linuxconf to set up ppp so users could use it?
OK, it did it wrong.  There is a file called
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ppp0; (Or if your interface isn't
named ppp0, then replace with whatever you used).  In it is a line
that says USERCFG="yes".  Replace it with USERCFG=yes  Note that the
quotation marks are removed.

Then set file permissions so it runs setuid root.  I think you need
merely change file permissions on usernetctl, like this:

        chmod a+s /usr/sbin/usernetctl

I've reported the bug to Redhat, but I have no idea whether it will
get fixed.  I'd guess at some time in the future, usernetctl will want
those quotation marks back.

And thanks; I was going to post this info anyways, and this makes it

Tom Breton


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