ftp:BIND:Address already in use?

ftp:BIND:Address already in use?

Post by Ed Lawso » Mon, 30 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am working on making ftp work behind firewall.  Local net feeds the
firewall machine
via masquerating by internal server.  When I ftp out, I tend to get the
Illegal Port Command 500 ftp:Bind:Address already in use or things hang
after a ls

I have made ipfwadm lines for passive and otherwise ftp-data, but still
get these problems.
Any thoughts, suggestions.  Better to rout from the firewall back to
internal server than masq from internal server perhap?

Ed Lawson


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Is there a better fix for this?  By the way, it happens with .99pl4 and .99pl5.

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