got "bogus packet size" and lost connection

got "bogus packet size" and lost connection

Post by Jean-Marc Saffro » Tue, 13 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I got a very strange problem : I am in a local ethernet network (no known
problem), and while not doing anything (I only had a remote X session
running), I lost my connection. I suspected an attack from someone else in
the network (it's in a student dorm), but I couln't find any evidence.
Anyway, I switched to one of the text consoles, and I was flooded with one
repeated message :

eth0 : bogus packet size: 65408, status=0, nxpg=0.
(I couldn't copy it, but that's what I remember)

Every console I switched to was flooded with this message.
I wait a few minutes, it didn't stop.
I unplugged my ethernet cable, and it stopped immediately.
I plugged back, and it came back immediately.
My X session was frozen (it was a X -query remote_host :0), and it seemed
impossible to use any of the text consoles (flood, flood...), so I
rebooted :(

After a cold reset (see further), it booted normally, the problem was
gone. I looked at /var/log/messages and found this :

Oct 11 21:26:32 saffroy kernel: h pointers  0 vs ff.
(about the same time my connection hanged)

So, am I victim of an evil attack ? Looks like a bug, anyway...
This problem is not really critical for me, but all this seems to me very
strange, so a friend of mine advised me to report it here.
Please cc: me your answers, I don't read this newsgroup usually, and there
is way too much traffic for me...

TIA for any help.


Background :
My system is a i486 DX4-100, motherboard Asus PCI486SP3 w/ on-board PCI
IDE controller, 8Mb RAM. It runs a Slackware 3.1, kernel 2.0.35. The
network device is a PCI NE2000 clone (chip RTL 8029). It has a strange
behaviour : after a session under Linux (or win95), I have to reset hard
the system, otherwise it hangs right after completing the memory check.
All parameters seem correct (IO=0xe800,IRQ 9), the pci-ne2k module seems
to detect it without trouble. I belong to this local network since over a
month now, with my PC on every day (uptime usually > 12h), and it's the
first problem I encounter.