Queue outgoing mail (again)

Queue outgoing mail (again)

Post by Evgueni Damaski » Wed, 14 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I am sure this was brought up many times before, but here it comes again...
I am using sendmail 8.7.1 (came from Red Hat 2.1) and a caching nameserver
with diald on top of all this.

Having looked through the Mail Queue Mini-Howto I changed my sendmail.cf
and everything started to work as expected except for one thing. I have
diald configured to bring up the link on named udp requests. However, sendmail
apparently tries to call resolver even when just placing the outgoing messages
in the queue. And nothing seems to stop it!!! I am not sure I want to give up
my diald config or to recompile sendmail with BIND=0 (or smth).

Here is what I ended up doing. Since I am the only user, I am running sendmail
in defer mode (prevents all name lookups). In order to deliver local mail
quickly (since it gets queued as well) I have set up three cron jobs:

*/5 * * * *             /usr/sbin/sendmail -qRdam &
*/5 * * * *             /usr/sbin/sendmail -qRroot &
*/5 * * * *             /usr/sbin/sendmail -qSroot &

Every five minutes messages from/to root and to dam (me) are delivered. Not
very elegant, is it? Regular sendmail -q is run from ip-up script.

If anybody has better ideas, PLEASE, let me know.




1. Review/edit outgoing mail queue

I connect to the Internet through an intermittent, modem-based

Between the time that I write an email and the time I next connect
to the net, I wish to be able to review and potentially edit my
outgoing email. (Similar to how I can with Usenet news with my
Leafwa[1] tool).

Do any tools already exist to let me do this? (Something easier
to use than editting the raw files with nedit). Otherwise I may
write one.

The system I use is SuSE6.4. I'm using sendmail to send outgoing
email, and pine to write email. The outgoing email is stored in

/var/spool/mqueue# ls -l
-rw-------   1 root     users        4921 Sep  7 20:08 dfUAA21048
-rw-------   1 root     root         1057 Sep  7 22:31 qfUAA21048

There's a set of files starting with df.. containing the body of
an email.

It corresponds to a gf.. file which contains the header of the
email in garbled form.

It would be quite easy for me to write a program that edited the
email body. But I want to be able to edit the header as well. Any
advice on how i could do this? One possibility would be to
reconstruct the header information from the qf file (it doesn't
look that hard), but I'm concerned that this might not work with
all configurations of sendmail (a program not renowned for
simplicity). Also, what are other MTAs like? Would they be
compatible with my program if I based it on sendmail?

[1] see http://www.vision25.demon.co.uk/oss/leafwa/intro.html

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