Configuring two SMC Ultra's in one Linux box

Configuring two SMC Ultra's in one Linux box

Post by Gaskintj » Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I need to configure two SMC ultra's into my Linux box. A couple of years ago I
 did it by adding an "append" line in the lilo.conf file. However it doesn't
 seem to work with the new version of kernel 2.0.30.

Has any one else done it on this version of kernel or know how to resolve it ?




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Hi, has anybody a running system where the TX-port of the upper mentioned
cards works?
I've also used SMC's tool (works under DOS) to switching the TX-port active.
But only the BNC-port works (only with the 2.2.x kernel, with the 2.4.x
kernel not).

Thanks in advance,

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