nics eth0 and eth1 got swapped in ifconfig

nics eth0 and eth1 got swapped in ifconfig

Post by Paul L » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00

HELP!!  I installed a 2nd nic that also use the tulip driver
and the ifconfig shows that the eth0 in slot 3 and eth1 in
slot 4 got swapped so that the nic in slot 4 is now eth0
and the slot 3 nic shows as eth0.

I've checked the hardware addresses from winnt (this is a
dual boot machine) and everything is insync with the displayed
hardware addressess.

Also the ifconfig shows the ipaddr of eth0 as 192.168....
that was the commented out ipaddr in the rc.config; so where
did this "generic" ipaddr come from??

I just got ADSL and am trying to setup Linux with the DHCP
required by the ISP; tried the setup without the DHCP client
configured and I still get my configured ipaddr ignored by
ifconfig with the physical nics swapped by ifconfig.

The Linux version is SuSE 6.1 and had no problems when just
using a modem and my 2 computer network.....Somewhere the
192..etc ipaddr is hard-coded for ifconfig, but where?

The location on the motherboard didn't make a difference
with winnt but why Linux?

Hope to see a few answers/pointers to solutions....


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Any ideas?

Thank you,


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