Post by Todd Graham Lewi » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Allright you guys, time to call in some favors.

We have our main server located on an intel 486/66.  Micron motherboard,
16 MB RAM, 3com 509 PCI 10bT Ethernet, Adaptec PCI SCSI card, Conner SCSI HD.

System is slackware, version, libc 4.6.27, Linux kernel 1.2.3.

We have never bothered to upgrade much of anything, as it is, as I said,
our main server.

There are several, several hundred customers who have their accounts on
this machine.

Users receive e-mail on it, have home dirs on it, and keep their web
pages on it.

Because of this last one, customers' web pages, they have to have ftp
access (they don't get shells, as I don't like explaining bash to people
who don't really care.)

Recently, when users attempt to ftp in, they get "Access Denied" errors
as soon as they type in their user names.  It prompts for no password, it
simply rejects the connection.

We can replicate this problem, and it is not system-wide.  It is endemic
to particular users from time to time, while I can ftp in on my personal
account on the machine as well as log in under the guise of other
customers' unames and passwds.

Sometimes a system reboot will solve the problem.  This morning, a reboot
did not solve the problem for one customer, and so I had to reinstall
wu.ftpd off of the cdrom.

These same customers can receive e-mail via POP.

I am aware of the wu.ftpd problem, but the new sources will not compile
properly.  Attempting to install the new binaries using the slackware N
series off of the net does not work.  Both of these are due, I am pretty
sure, to the age of my libc and kernel.

I would like for some people to reassure me that this is not a problem
with too many users on a linux system.  I would like for people to
reassure me that this is a wu.ftpd problem.  I think that both of these
are true.  If they are, not then please break the news to me gently, but
for goodness' sake I need to know.

I could stand a little help with compiling wu.ftpd.  If anyone has any
sources or makefiles which work with this libc/kernel version, then I'd
appreciate a look at them.

If anyone has any general ideas about this state of affairs, I would like
to hear them.  I have plenty of time to listen to comments about this
problem.  Please be free with your responses.

If this is not a wu.ftpd problem, someone please tell me what I am

Thanks in advance.

Todd Lewis