100 mbps Ethernet Cards

100 mbps Ethernet Cards

Post by Greg Cors » Tue, 03 Jan 1995 14:26:02

Has anyone out there used Linux with a 100mbps ethernet setup?  What 100
mbps cards (if any) are currently supported by Linux.


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1. Decent PCI 10/100 Mbps ethernet card selection

Hello there. What would be my choices for a network card that does most of the processing onboard
and has a fairly simple (least buggy) driver?

If it's relevant I have
Intel Cubx motherboard
Matrox G400 Max
Advanced Gravis UltraSound MAX PnP
Hollywood something DVD mpeg decoder card.

Would a network card interfere with a sound card (that is reduce the sound quality)?
Any suggestion in what order to stack the PCI cards? (there is only one ISA slot taken by gus max)

What should I replace my mpeg card with?

Thank you.

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