Multible Modem Usage

Multible Modem Usage

Post by Billy L Huntle » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I am familiar with Windows ability to use multiple modems to access the
internet, sharing the load to increase the available bandwidth or increase
effective connection speeds.  This is set up in the dial up properties.

My question is:
Does anybody know if this can be accomplished in the Linux environment?
Please respond to my email address.

Thank You

Billy L Huntley


1. SQUID and multible In-Out-IPs

Hi all,

I have a big big problem with squid,
is it possible to run squid in the following configuration:

LAN1------|    |
          |    | Internet-IP for LAN1
          |    |----------------------
          |    | Internet-IP for LAN2

So, if a request comes from LAN1 (customer1) squid uses the official
IP-Adress for LAN1 and if the request comes from LAN2 (customer2) it
uses the second official IP-Adress.
A possible solution would be to run two different squid-daemons, but in
this case they wouldn't use the same cache.
Both customers would like to have a correct volume-accounting for which
they have to pay for.
I hope, anyone can help me..

best regards, Dietrich v. d. Groeben


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